Pink Realty Cycling Team


Pink Realty is a proud supporter of our cycling community. We believe in bettering our local communities through education on getting outdoors and riding your bike.  We sponsor various local cycling clubs and events. Pink Realty even has their own Cycling Team with World Champion and Team Director Jason Kimball. CEO, Monica Breckenridge herself is a huge bike advocate in the community and 2x National Champion.

Meet the Pink Realty Racing Team Cyclists

Cycling Club Members

Jason Kimball-Team Director

Jason Kimball is the Pink Realty Team Director. If you are interested in joining the Pink Realty Cycling Team don't hesitate to call or email Jason. Jason kimball is also on Team USA as a Paralympic Cyclist. He is a complete Rockstar and cycling Badass. He is a 7x National Champion, the current world record holder and World Champion.

Monica Breckenridge- CEO of Pink Realty

Monica Breckenridge is the CEO of Pink Realty. She started cycling to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Through cycling Monica lost 65 pounds. She created the Pink Realty Cycling Team after a year of cycling. She loved it so much. She started competing in races. She is a 2x National Track Cycling Champion.

Monica Enjoys Road Cycling, Riding on Trails, and Mountain Biking. Her best cycling experience is traveling to Germany and going on a Cycling Road Trip to view different parts of the country. She loves the adventure and the scenery.